Andalusian Stargazing Dome Experience

Posted on 27 April 2022

Nestled in the side of the mountainous Andalusian region in Spain is one of TruDome’s bespoke 10m glamping domes. The owner of this Spanish villa retreat approached the TruDomes team because they wanted to add a spacious glamping accommodation that complemented the surrounding landscape and would enable them to sleep more guests and generate an additional rental income. A stone-grey PVC was chosen to blend into the surrounding rocks and countryside tracks along with extra porthole windows and a large geometric shape window that looked over the valley. The windows ensure some spectacular views for the six guests that it comfortably accommodates. Internally, the dome is sectioned into three bedrooms and benefits from a generous living space too.

During the day, guests are treated to spectacular views of the surrounding countryside with vistas of olive, walnut and citrus groves. The only sounds are of the breeze rippling through nearby palm tree leaves, the bells of a distant goat herder in the evening and otherwise the fun and splashing of children (and adults alike) in the dome’s adjacent swimming pool.



As idyllic as this Spanish countryside glamping retreat is though, it is probably at night-time when it bestows its most magnificent gift. As the sun sets and night-time descends in earnest, the most breath-taking night sky unfolds and treats guests to a wonderous astronomical experience. a glamping experience that reconnects them to the wonders of nature and leaves an indelible imprint of a magical getaway. Recent guest Jordan Funnell said of his stay, “I’ve never seen a night-sky like it. At home in the UK, I live in a built-up area and so to see this night sky is something special. I don’t think that I have ever seen so many stars; and I’ve seen my first shooting star too! I get to wake up to the most amazing views the next morning. It’s certainly a holiday that I will always remember.”




It’s easy to see why astro-tourism is a growing trend with universal appeal within the glamping sector.

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