Autumn Glamping – What You Need To Know

Posted on 1 October 2019

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It’s official: Summer is over, and Autumn has arrived in a gust of fallen leaves and rain. Most people would say that the glamping season has finished with the sun, but we think Autumn could be the perfect time for a cosy getaway with the help of our domes.

Offering both insulation and a woodburning stove, there’s no reason a TruDome can’t be enjoyed in all seasons, so we’d love to share why we think Autumn is the best time to escape to the outdoors:

  1. A whole new colour palette

Autumn is perhaps the most dramatic season when it comes to colours – bright greens turn to gorgeous oranges and reds to make for a walk in the woods you’ll never forget. The vibrant colours are great for photos too, so you’ll find plenty of ‘no filter’ moments to make your social media followers hit ‘like’.

  1. Everything crisp and clear

You just can’t beat waking up to a crisp and clear autumn day for a brisk walk in the woods or settling down at night to watch a spectacular sunset (orange is just for the leaves). Even the stars seem brighter on a cloudless Autumn night, especially when staying in a glamping dome set in the heart of the countryside.

  1. Peace and quiet

As the traditional holiday season comes to a close, glampsites become much quieter and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy peaceful evenings – all the better to appreciate the beautiful scenery around you.

  1. Fantastic prices

Perhaps the most tempting draw of an Autumn break is the off-peak prices. While the weather hasn’t turned too cold and the sun still makes a semi-regular appearance, you’ll benefit from all the joys of an outdoor holiday with a fantastic saving as an added bonus.

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