The 2020 Glamping Season: Trends To Be Aware Of

It may feel like winter will never be over but spring will be here before you know it, and with it – the start of the glamping season! With 1.8 million searches relating to glamping in the last year alone, the market is huge and eager to find the perfect experience, so to make sure you’re ahead of the curve this upcoming season, read on to find out about the trends we can see coming this spring…

The Barclay’s report in 2019 cited that 52% of the customers they surveyed planned to take most or even all of their holidays in the UK this year, which means the time is right to let people know how amazing the British countryside can be. Why not make the most of your site’s British-ness to captivate those who wish to make the most of the country they live in?

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While Cornwall and Devon have long enjoyed a reign of popularity, their draw may be fading for holidaymakers – while still popular, we’re seeing a marked increase in bookings in the North-East and Midlands areas. If you own land in these areas and have been thinking about opening a glamping business, this could be the year to go ahead and do it!

It is also worth noting that longer stays are being ditched in favour of shorter stays spread out through the year. This opens up fantastic possibilities including extending the season further through spring and summer and even into the autumn months. Advertising availability throughout the ‘off-peak’ seasons could result in a fully booked site all year round.


Finally, today’s fast-paced and technological age has resulted in a greater appreciation for the value of nature in terms of health and well-being, which has in turn influenced bookings. Sustainable tourism is also on the rise, leading to a good opportunity to highlight any eco-friendly aspects of your site when advertising.

Have you noticed any upcoming trends for this season? Be sure to let us know if you do – find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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