The Glamping Bucket List – Family Edition


Going glamping as a family is the perfect way to make lasting memories that you and your children will love to look back on, as well as offering an exciting way to get away from modern life and technology and teach your kids to have fun outside. And to make sure your trip is filled with adventure; we’ve put together some must-haves for your next getaway…which one will you be doing first?

  1. Try geocaching

Put simply, geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunt – with hundreds of ‘geocaches’ hidden all over the world, you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic hunt wherever you go. All you need is a handheld GPS and you’re ready to go, find out more at!

  1. Build a woodland shelter

Building dens is a treasured part of childhood, and nothing can beat the worlds of imagination it creates. Why not bring a picnic and have a feast once you’re done? Just remember to make sure you remain respectful to nature by disturbing as little as possible and using only fallen branches and leaves.

  1. Watch the sun rise, or go stargazing

There’s something amazing about watching a new day dawn or sitting up with a hot chocolate and counting the stars. A geodesic dome is the perfect spot for this particular activity, too, thanks to the panoramic windows that allow you to stay cosy while enjoying some of nature’s most beautiful views!

  1. Go fruit picking

Whatever the season, fruit picking is the perfect way to spend time together as a family, and you’ll walk away with plenty of delicious food as well as fun memories! During the summer there are plenty of options, including the ever-popular strawberry, while autumn is perfect for blackberries (why not try and find some wild ones?) and pumpkins!

  1. Take a hike

Another fantastic bonding opportunity is to find a hiking trail you can all explore – there are options to suit all capabilities and staminas, so all that’s left is to decide where you want to go.

Will you be ticking any of these off your bucket list on your next holiday? Let us know or send us pictures via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


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