Trends For 2018: Unique And Adaptable

Posted on 11 May 2018


Success in the events market in 2018 will go to those providing the most unique and adaptable solutions. With ‘experience’ being a key aspect of what the customer is looking for, and flexibility what venue operators are looking for, organisers and venues that can offer space that can be re-purposed for a variety of events and which is unique, will have the edge. TruDomes provides the ideal solution.

Cited as an upcoming trend, our Geo-dome structures equip you with space that is both unique and adaptable. The dome structure provides spacious open interiors, without any obstructing pillars or posts, that can act as a blank canvas for a wide variety of events. Take one step into our domes and you’ll see what we mean. The first thing you notice is that it seems bigger on the inside – the high ceiling really lets you breathe, next you’ll realise how open it feels without any supporting pillars obstructing the space, then you’ll let your imagination flow with scenes of weddings, corporate events, parties, gigs, performances, conferences, exhibitions, each comfortably accommodated in their turn.

Available in steel or aluminium our dome structures are quick to assemble and are an ideal compliment to a temporary exhibition looking for something different from the ‘trade show’ cubicle. No exhibition organiser’s inventory is complete without a TruDomes geo-dome.

For venue owners a TruDomes structure can literally transform existing space you’re struggling to use. Available in a range of sizes, they can make beautiful and profitable use of small or large spaces. That old tennis court, that plot of overgrown land, that under-used area of car park, the courtyard that doesn’t get used – we can all think of space we’re not using that is waiting to be transformed by a TruDomes structure.

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