TruDomes’ role in sustainable manufacturing and why it’s so important!

Posted on 27 April 2022

It’s ‘World Environment Day’  today, so what better time to start a conversation about sustainability. Sustainability is a word that gets thrown about a lot, with little transparency when it comes to the meaning in practise. Sustainability can refer to the ecological, social and economic environment, and put simply, in business it is an approach to creating long-term value by considering the impact that an organisation has on the eco, social and economic environment of the extraordinary planet that we all share.

The great thing is, sustainable manufacturing benefits travel well beyond the walls of your business, and there are so many ways that a manufacturing business can take steps towards becoming more sustainable. Sustainability is in vogue and it’s here to stay, in fact, more and more companies are treating the S-word as an important objective in their strategy for growth.

Being sustainable involves constant evaluation of the manufacturing process, from design through to production, packaging and shipping. For example, initiatives may include minimising plastic in packaging, manufacturing closer to home and ensuring fair wages for factory workers, putting money into the local economy and considering the health and safety standards and regulations of the country of manufacture and whether your factory complies with these, thus protecting local communities and areas.

More consumers are becoming increasingly educated on business practises and are beginning to consider sustainability when they are in the market to buy. There’s no time like the present to start making changes in your organisation to becoming more sustainable. There’s always more work to be done, and the present climate of economic, social and environmental concerns are a sure challenge for businesses in manufacturing – fortunately many are beginning to step up to the plate, and it’s important to keep the pressure on businesses that are not.

At TruDomes, we proud of the policies and practises that we have adopted in our sustainability journey and we are always re-evaluating the way that we do things. TruDomes are a member of Made in Britain; which in a nutshell means superior quality products that last, fair wages for employees, fewer air miles and a lower carbon footprint, and of course putting money into the UK economy. We are proud to be the only British manufacturer of geodesic domes!

We are also taking sustainable steps with our packaging – if you haven’t already seen our TruDomes packaging, head to our social media pages to check out our branded wooden pallet boxes, less plastic never looked so good and customers love receiving their TruDomes delivery all boxed up. The best thing is, they can be reused, recycled or up-cycled into something new (we’d love to hear your ideas!).

Hopefully, this blog has been food for thought on ‘World Environment Day’. Sustainability should be the right choice for every business, morally not just commercially. By coming together as an industry, the hope is that we will see real change and positive progress over the coming decades. Sustainability is an ethos that is becoming engrained in UK business culture, and it can only be a good thing!

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