TruDomes | What does ‘Made in Britain’ mean today?

Posted on 27 April 2022

The Made in Britain stamp has long been synonymous with quality, heritage and industry leading standards. The UK proudly led the way in many sectors of manufacturing; paving the paths for success in textiles, transport and more. Unfortunately, some years ago many industries began to move towards overseas manufacture in favour of cheaper trade.

Still today, the Made in Britain label holds great value with consumers and manufacturers alike – and with good reason! TruDomes is proud to be a part of the Made in Britain collective, a marque that represents a standard of quality, prestige and unity for the British manufacturing sector. We wanted to delve deeper into the question of what it means to be made in Britain in 2021.


It’s important to remember that when you buy a product that is manufactured in Britain (and we mean manufactured in Britain, not just designed!), you are not just supporting one company; you are supporting a whole supply chain. You are supporting an industry and our British economy, as well as promoting long-term overseas business relations and exports. Another one of the many benefits of manufacturing close to home is that at TruDomes, we pride ourselves in knowing our geodesic domes inside out – from start to finish – something that is difficult to achieve when you choose to source manufacturing from another country.

High quality domes

TruDomes frames are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminium. Aluminium is part of our everyday world; from the foil that your favourite burrito comes in to the golf clubs that you haul around eighteen holes. However, although aluminium is commonly spotted in every day objects, not all aluminium is the same. Aircraft grade aluminium has a superior strength threshold, higher resistance to corrosion, and has the same composition as alloys used in many aircrafts.

A more ethically conscious and sustainable world

2020 was a year that the world as a whole navigated uncertainty, amidst a global pandemic, and we continue to do so in 2021 (sigh), especially in the UK with the on-going issues of Brexit. People in the UK are travelling less and spending more time at home, and in doing so this has highlighted the importance of our British trade. Aside from conspiracy theorists and the toilet roll hoarding saga… the pandemic has brought to light some important issues that we face in the modern day.

As people continue to become more connected and more informed through online media and international news, many people are sparing more thought and concern for ethical issues and the question of sustainability. When you support British manufacturing, you make a statement of support for fair and decent wages for workers, equality at work, good safety standards and regulations and a reduction in environmental impact.

The TruDomes team bring together over 30 years of British manufacturing expertise here in the midlands – something worth boasting about? We think so!

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