How To: Turn A Geodesic Dome Into A Classroom

dome with a classroom inside

Our series of how-to articles offer new and creative ways to use our geodesic domes and turning one into an inspiring learning space sounds just crazy enough to work! Read on to find out how it could work…

What would it look like?

One of the greatest challenges of modern education is making it interesting for the students – especially when they’re children who’d rather be watching a screen. The unique shape of the dome immediately gives you an eye-catching space for potential students, while customisable panels allow for endless amounts of creativity for different projects. Teaching about getting closer to nature? Go for plenty of clear panels to bring nature into the classroom!

We think the best part about a dome-shaped classroom is the fantastic open floor space you’ll have – it’s the perfect way to create a relaxed and open environment that students will actually want to learn in.

How could you use it?

Most traditional schools don’t have the ability to add geodesic classrooms to their campus, although we think they’d make a great alternative to the temporary classrooms used occasionally. But we think the perfect use for outdoor classrooms like these are with projects that bring education to impoverished continents – places that need quick-to-build solutions that are easy and affordable to assemble and take down.

What do you think about this use for geodesic domes? If you’re inspired to create your own space, we’d love to hear about how you’d use it – join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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