What’s In Your Travel Bag? The Glamping Checklist!

Posted on 9 March 2021


You’ve booked your glamping holiday, found the perfect location and accommodation and you’re ready for a trip to remember. Just one last thing to do before you pack up and go – pack! The question is, what to pack?!

For the newbies, glamping is essentially camping for people who don’t like camping but love the outdoors and being in remote locations, a little closer to mother nature. If you’re a countryside lover but you’re not keen on roughing it in the sticks, then glamping is surely for you. This year more than ever, holiday makers and travel enthusiasts are choosing to opt for staycations closer to home rather than take the risk of booking an abroad location. The UK has plenty to offer, rich in both history and beauty.

It’s important to remember to check with your glamping accommodation what you will be provided with, for instance your accommodation may provide towels, beddings and cooking amenities, which makes life much easier. Depending on what amenities are there, this will inform your packing.

If you’ve never been glamping before and you’re not sure to expect or what the essentials are, we’ve put together a glamping essential checklist of things you will need for your glamping holiday.

1. What bag to choose?

First of all, it’s important that you pick a travel bag that is suitable for glamping. You’re going to want to choose a bag that is easy to carry around and most of all is easy to get things in and out of. A deep backpack or an over the shoulder travel back should suffice, but no large suitcases, practicality is key here.

2. No silly shoes!

You want to make the most of your glamping experience; exploring and enjoying the open air space! There’s nothing worse than a fun filled day being hindered by uncomfortable shoes and dreaded blisters. We suggest packing some walking boots as well as some more comfortable trainers that you can slip on and off.

3. Waterproofs

If you’re heading off glamping in the UK, then you will know how unpredictable the great British weather is! Any season can be full of surprises and even in Summer a warm day can turn into a sudden monsoon; if you’re not prepared with waterproofs, you could find yourself feeling like a wet dog! Take a waterproof coat at the very least, an umbrella and waterproof trousers are a good idea too. If you’re accommodation doesn’t have an ensuite, it’s always wise to take an umbrella to walk to the bathroom and back in case of a downpour.

4. Sunglasses

On the weather note, as likely as rain is, you can also be pleasantly surprised by a very sunny day here in the UK! Make sure you take a pair of sunglasses; even in the Winter months the sun can be extremely bright.

5. Loungewear  

If you’re going glamping, chances are you’re not heading down the red carpet. Make sure you pack all of your cosiest threads; we’re talking soft fleeces, cosy joggers, fuzzy socks, flannel shirts and big hoodies! Slippers are a must-pack for your glamping holiday, no cold toes here.

6. Layers

Versatility is key when you are packing clothing for your glamping holiday! A few base layers are always handy to pack to wear under t-shirts and jumpers, they are breathable and warm and will keep you feeling comfortable, whatever the activity. Quick tip – if you roll your layers rather than folding when you are packing your bag, you use less room and minimise creases!

7. Electrical accessories 

On your glamping trip to remember, you’re going to want to take lots of photos while you’re making memories! Make sure that you pack your camera, or if you are using your phone camera, make sure that you don’t forget pack your charger. Quick tip – take a power pack with you, they are endlessly useful if you are out and about or don’t have an electricity source in your accommodation! One last thing – don’t forget to pack a torch or a light for the nights outside!

8. Entertainment  

When you return to your accommodation after a long day out, you’re probably want to make some food, put your feet up and perhaps enjoy a relaxing drink. Bringing things like books, board games and a pack or cards to give you something to keep you and your group busy on the evening.

9. Daily essentials  

Make sure you pack your daily essentials; the likelihood is that you will be spending time outdoors, so make sure that you pack moisturiser, lip balm, shower gel, toiletries and any first aid essentials.

The best tip that we can offer is to plan ahead to make the most of your glamping trip – make a list and check it twice! Most of all, enjoy your self and make glamping memories to last a lifetime.

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