Why Choose Aluminium For Your Geodesic Dome?

Posted on 10 November 2020

It’s no secret that we love aluminium here at TruDomes. Renowned for its low weight, high strength, easy machining and durability, it’s no surprise that it’s now the second most widely used metal in the world. The metal’s superior malleability combined with the fact that it’s easily recyclable means that its popularity will only continue to grow – as well as making it the perfect choice for both the standard and bespoke profiles we use in our purpose-designed frames.


So, why do we love it so much? To start with, aluminium naturally generates a protective oxide coating that makes it highly corrosion resistant, and therefore perfect for sustained outdoor use. Using it to build our dome frames means you receive a product that’s durable and easily maintained, without the hassle of trying to clean unsightly rust stains from the covering.

Aluminium also offers outstanding formability, which means our experienced designers are able to bring to life your dome-shaped vision with as little compromise as possible. At TruDomes, our team will work with you to achieve the end product you need, taking your requirements into account for a dome that’s truly fit for purpose in every sense of the word.


Finally, environmental concerns are at the forefront of more business’ minds than ever as the world strives to adopt more sustainable practices and produce lower carbon emissions. Aluminium is not only easily recycled; it can also be done without loss of performance or loss of material. We’re proud to have been manufacturing bespoke aluminium products for more than 30 years from our family-run business here in the UK – why not get in touch and let us show you how much there is to love about this fantastic metal?

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