Wowo Campsite, Uckfield, England

Posted on 6 October 2023

Launching a glamping business often involves an imperative to keep initial costs down wherever possible. This inevitably brings the temptation to economise and invest purely on price, purchasing accommodation which has the superficial appearance of high-end glamping but takes a smaller chunk out of a typical start-up budget. It’s a choice which risks problems in the longer term. Going ‘cheap and cheerful’ can quickly lose its cheerfulness.

Low-grade materials and components are not designed to stand the test of time. Before long, they’ve deteriorated to the point that your wellness retreat looks tired and in poor health. You’re often faced with two choices: a full replacement or a refurb. Both options are expensive, and the latter is even more difficult if you’ve bought an imported product from a retailer or reseller which offers no batch traceability and no replacement parts service.

It’s a common predicament encountered by many glamping sites. Earlier this year, one such site found its set of imported geodesic domes weathering particularly badly. The owners turned to TruDomes for help.

Wowo in Sussex is one of Southeast England’s most idyllic campsites. With five main camping fields, its setting is enhanced by a beautiful, wooded area called Tipi Trail and Pellingford Brook, a stream that runs through the middle of the site. Anyone who stays at Wowo will appreciate the high level of quality which the site upholds, so the owners were naturally disappointed when they found the windows on their imported domes had discoloured so badly (after less than a year’s use) that they obscured the view out and dulled the natural light.

Always keen to avoid anything that detracts from the glamping experience, Wowo decided to cease bookings on the domes and try to renovate the windows. Unfortunately, the domes were sourced from China via a company which that had ‘shut up shop’ and therefore offered zero warranty, zero after-sale support and zero provision of like-for-like window sections to replace the discoloured ones.

Wowo contacted TruDomes to get some advice. We offered our bespoke manufacturing expertise and high-quality materials to make replacement windows, using our in-house expertise to produce replacement sections. TruDomes’ materials are designed to resist UV discoloration as standard. The windows and skylights were all replaced in time for the peak glamping season and Wowo’s refurbished domes can now enjoy a clear view  out for many years to come.

Wowo’s experience is a useful case for any aspiring glamping business considering its options for accommodation. It’s vital to seek as much information as possible about the quality, performance, and lifetime of the materials. It’s important to buy from a supplier with a reliable warranty and the ability to source replacement parts. For maximum peace of mind, we recommend buying directly from a manufacturer like TruDomes that offers decades of experience, market-leading durability, comprehensive product data, a two-year warranty, full technical and after-sale support, and easy access to replacement components if required.

Choosing the best solution should be a fully informed decision with an eye on the long-term. Much like the new windows on Wowo’s domes, it helps to be clear-sighted.

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