Apple Camping, Pembrookshire, Wales

Located in South Pembrokeshire, Apple Camping is a distinctive glamping site that gained recognition when it was featured on Channel 4’s Four in a Bed in 2021.

Apple Camping is out of this world when it comes to accommodation and boasts an ever-evolving and delightfully eccentric collection of accommodation options, some of which are completely unique to the United Kingdom. From a Sonar submarine, UFO, and JetStar to an Airbus, Train carriage there is something for everyone. Additionally, they offer Yurts, bell tents, and The Witch’s Hat, ensuring a diverse range of choices for guests.

At TruDomes we worked with Apple Camping to create captivating Geodesic Domes such as Yellow The Pac-Man, Yellow Mrs Pac-Man, and the Igloo Dome! These were some really fun projects that we completed and look amazing in situ the guests love them!

Nestled beside a working farm and conveniently located less than 5 miles away from both the enchanting walled town of Tenby, renowned for its picturesque harbour, and the charming seaside resort town of Saundersfoot, Apple Camping serves as an ideal home base for exploring the wonders of Pembrokeshire. Discover the local activities and attractions that make the region truly special.

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