The Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Scotland

Dome Dining Success:

If you’ve been reading the TruDomes blog, you’ll have heard a lot about our glamping business customers, but perhaps not so much about our dining and hospitality customers! Dining domes are becoming the latest ‘in’ thing, with hotels, restaurants and individuals enjoying the perks of dome dining across the UK. Unlike many cheaper, temporary dome structures made abroad, TruDomes dining domes are made to last and withstand all year round weather conditions, making them a great choice if you hope to make a dining dome a long term, all seasons feature in your hospitality offering.

The Banff Springs Hotel, hailing from North East Scotland, have really made the most of their dining dome – their creativity has shone through, when changing up themes regularly for the interior of their dome. Quite frankly, we have been awestruck by their dining dome images and so we caught up with The Banff Springs to ask about the secret to their dome dining success!

TruDomes: “The Bubble” seems to be a real hit with customers, what was the inspiration to invest in a geodesic dome?

We were looking for something unique and a little different to your usual dining experience after lots of research we came across the geodesic dome and instantly knew that it was what we were looking for. As well as something unique we needed it to be wind and rain resistant as we are situated by the sea in the North East of Scotland and the geodesic dome was perfect. We also loved that we were able to customise the geodesic dome allowing us to create our different themes.

TruDomes: We can see from your social media that you have had great fun creating various interior themes for the dining dome, do you think that this has contributed to the popularity of the dome? How have customers reacted?

Most definitely, the different themes have definitely been a hit with the customers. Our aim was to create a fun, flamboyant location for a get together with friends, an experience to remember. The feedback we receive from customers that have dined in the Bubble and from social media has been extremely positive and they are loving our different themes

TruDomes: As a hospitality business, you must have been hit hard as a whole by Covid-19 and lockdown? How has the introduction of the dome helped in boosting bookings post lockdown?

Yes, like many other businesses within the hospitality industry the pandemic has been challenging however the introduction of the dome has proven to be extremely popular especially for celebrations such as birthdays, engagements or just a catch up with friends. The Bubble is almost fully booked the majority of weekends until the end of the year and is filling up fast for during the week.

TruDomes: Dining, glamping and event domes are becoming increasingly popular – what would you say to someone in the hospitality industry looking to invest in a dome?

Go for it! We are so glad that we decided to invest in a dome, it has proven to be a great success! Customers are always looking for that something different and unique and a dome is a great way to do that.

TruDomes: From initial concept to pulling it all together, how long was the journey to getting “The Bubble” up and running?

During the first lock down at the beginning of 2020 we had discussed geodesic dome and before we knew it, we had one on order. Due to lockdown, we had plenty of time to come up with name and after lots of discussion we decided that ‘The Bubble’ was the most fitting! We always knew that we wanted to do something a bit different and by changing up the themes every so often it allowed us to do so. We had the Bubble up and running for Christmas 2020 however due to Covid-19 restrictions we had to close the Bubble until April of this year.

TruDomes: Have you had any memorable events or dining parties in “The Bubble”?

We recently held our first bubble wedding, this was a very intimate ceremony with the Bride, Groom and their two sons it was definitely one to remember. We have also had a few engagements in The Bubble – Very exciting!

TruDomes: Now that restrictions have lifted, what’s next for “The Bubble”, do you have any future plans for growth or any specific events?

We will continue to transform The Bubble every few months, however I can’t reveal any of the plans we have yet as they are top secret – Keep an eye on our social platforms for sneak peaks!

TruDomes: Looking ahead at the coming seasons, do you believe that “The Bubble” will be popular in both winter and summer? Obviously, last winter was a bit of a write off, but do you have any big plans for the Christmas period?

The Bubble is equipped with a fireplace and heaters for the winter months to ensure customers are kept cosy, the winter themes are set to be a cosy and magical atmosphere. Our elves are working hard behind the scenes to create a magical Christmas experience – one to remember!

TruDomes brand motto is “create space anywhere”, in light of that, how is your location unique and how does it lend itself to a dome?

Our Bubble is set at the front of the Hotel with an outstanding view of the Banff Links, it is an exclusive dining experience for you and your party to enjoy, there is even service at the push of a button! The interior décor is transformed every few months and the menus to compliment this.

TruDomes: What’s the best thing about “The Bubble”?

We absolutely love transforming The Bubble and the amazing feedback we receive makes it all worthwhile!


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