Field Farm Equestrian Holidays, Alford, England

Imagine taking your horse on holiday with you – now that’s an equine experience! At Field Farm Equestrian Holidays, you can relax each evening while knowing your horse can stretch its legs riding along the beach during the day. What’s not to love about bonding time with your four-legged friend in such a picturesque setting?

Nestled along the East Coast of Lincolnshire, just north of Skegness, you’ll find Field Farm Holidays. Situated on over 60 acres of countryside, it’s a short one mile ride to reach the pristine shoreline. Previously a derelict dairy farm, the property owners transformed the buildings into an equestrian holiday destination perfect for both humans and horses alike.

When Field Farm approached us about expanding their on-site accommodations, we were thrilled to help. Providing both a 4.4m Compact Dome and 6m Classic Dome for couples, families, and their horses to enjoy. On colder days, a wood-burning stove makes year-round stays cosy and comfortable. Now horse lovers can truly experience an equine vacation like no other at Field Farm Holidays.

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