The Crafty Pair, Hillberry, Isle of Man

At TruDomes, we take pride in helping businesses create unique and inviting spaces. When The Crafty Pair approached us with their vision for a new shopping experience, we were thrilled to assist them in making their dream a reality.

The Crafty Pair is located on the Isle of Man and is known for their passion for all things handmade they got in touch because they wanted to expand beyond their traditional pop-up Christmas shop yurt and change to a spacious TruDomes dome.

To meet the Crafty Pairs’ needs and enhance their customer experience, we recommended the transition from a yurt to one of our TruDomes domes. The Crafty Pair agreed, recognising the growing popularity of our domes for businesses like theirs. The sleek Polar White cover, Ivory insulation, and natural curtains of the dome seamlessly blend creating a captivating and harmonious setting.

To find out more about The Crafty Pair and their pop-up shop click here

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