Little Earth Retreat Centre, Wolverhampton, England

At TruDomes, our geodesic structures for everything including ones which are designed to foster well-being, connection and personal growth.

When Aman at Little Earth Centre contacted us about establishing Wolverhampton’s first holistic health and retreat center, we knew our yoga dome would be an ideal fit.

Our 12-meter geodomes provide an inspiring, judgement-free space for discovery and renewal. With floor-to-ceiling windows allowing natural light to flood the interior and in turn cultivating a sense of openness and clarity.

The dome has become the perfect setting for yoga flows, meditations and more. Guests can reconnect with their mind, body and spirit surrounded by the dome’s calming geometry and ambient lighting.

Aman’s vision of creating a one-stop hub for diverse healing modalities aligns perfectly with our mission to support communities. At TruDomes, we take pride in seeing how our structures aid those seeking wellness – whether for new experiences or returning to balance.

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