Purusha Retreats (Yoga Retreat), Lincolnshire, England

Located at Chestnut Tree Farm in Lincolnshire England, Purusha Retreats offers visitors the opportunity to explore field walks, revel in the beauty of flowers, and immerse themselves in the blissful countryside. The farm’s commitment to sustainable and regenerative agriculture ensures that guests become part of a landscape that nourishes humanity while preserving the Earth’s delicate balance.

Purusha Retreats prioritized luxury accommodations and studio spaces during the planning phase, and they partnered with TruDomes to bring their vision to life. TruDomes supplied various domes tailored to different requirements, including accommodation domes, the ‘Grub Hub’ dome, and the magnificent “Kula Dome.”

The Kula Dome, a stunning 18-meter structure, has been transformed into a luxurious meditation and yoga space, serving as the pièce de résistance of the retreat. The venue takes immense pride in its ethical values and strives to uphold the highest sustainability standards. Guests can relax in the knowledge that their experience has been ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, contributing to the protection and nurturing of the delicate ecosystem.

Nature lies at the heart of every space at Purusha Retreats. Woodland walks, flower meadows, glades, and a picturesque lily-pad-strewn lake serve as enchanting backdrops for both studio spaces and accommodation domes. The retreat seamlessly blends sustainable luxury with the tranquillity of the countryside, allowing guests to enjoy the natural world without sacrificing modern comforts.

A decade ago, the farm underwent a transformative journey. Recognising the need for change, the farm shifted away from a “high input-high output” approach that disregarded the land’s welfare and undermined planetary health. Embracing sustainable methods that work harmoniously with nature, the farm adopted “no-till” practices, avoiding ploughing and deep cultivations that harm soil structure and release carbon into the atmosphere. Cover crops were introduced to restore neglected soils, enhance nutrient levels, provide wildlife habitats, sequester atmospheric carbon, and foster symbiotic relationships between soil and plants.

These changes yielded visible results, prompting the farm to explore permaculture—a holistic agricultural system that integrates human activity with natural surroundings to create self-sustaining ecosystems. By working hand-in-hand with nature, the farm aimed to build a sustainable and regenerative agricultural model that benefits soils, plants, ecosystems, animals, human health, farmers, and the planet.

Looking to the future, Purusha Retreats and the farm aspire to embody a regenerative “farming for good” ethos. Recognizing our interconnectedness with nature, they seek to inspire a profound appreciation for the natural world and foster a deep love and respect for it. Together, they endeavour to remind people of the importance of nature and its role in our well-being and strive to create a harmonious partnership between humanity and the environment.

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