RAF Fylingdales, Pickering, North Yorkshire, England

RAF wellness Centre:

RAF Fylingdales, located in North Yorkshire, plays a crucial role in providing continuous ballistic missile early warning services to the UK and US Governments. Its primary objective is to ensure the prevention of surprise missile attacks.

Equipped with advanced radar technology, the facility can track objects, including satellites and debris, up to 3000 miles into space. With approximately 320 personnel, including Service Personnel, Ministry of Defence Police, and civilian staff, RAF Fylingdales operates under the UK Space Command.

In September 2022, Royal Air Force Fylingdales celebrated a significant milestone, marking 30 years of uninterrupted operations with their current radar system. The occasion was also marked by the return of a remarkable structure: the geodesic dome.

The original iconic “golf balls,” constructed in 1963, were massive structures designed to shield the space radars from the harsh weather conditions prevalent in the North York Moors, such as strong winds, rain, and heavy snowfall. Although the new dome is not as towering as its 140-foot-tall predecessors, it is nonetheless impressive in its own right.

Measuring 6.7 meters in diameter and nearly 4 meters in height, the dome features a clear skin that allows for breathtaking views of the surrounding environment, making it an ideal spot for stargazing. The structure itself is incredibly robust, with a steel frame, a lockable wooden door for access, coir matting for flooring, and a membrane that retains heat while keeping out moisture. To combat the cold winters on the Moors, a log-burning stove has been installed within the dome to provide warmth for the personnel stationed there. The dome exemplifies the attributes that Buckminster Fuller popularized in the 1950s—an ingenious design that is both windproof and weather-resistant, withstanding the gales that blow over the dome.

During the 30th anniversary celebrations, the dome had its inaugural use as a yoga area. Due to adverse weather conditions, the selfie wall was relocated inside the dome, creating a peaceful retreat from the strong winds and driving rain. Lighting and music were provided using a Jackary power pack, an excellent addition to the dome project that offers versatility and instant power. The dome can be powered through solar panels or mains electricity.

The Fylingdales dome is part of a broader stargazing project aimed at providing a space for reflection and wellness for the personnel, many of whom work in windowless, poorly lit conditions around the clock. The dome has proven to be a resounding success, offering a stylish and stunning environment where individuals can find serenity. The opportunity to observe the magnificent night sky has been a significant attraction, and the dome is utilised in conjunction with the telescope observatory. Furthermore, RAF Fylingdales has collaborated with the North York Moors’ “dark skies” program to minimise light pollution by dimming the lights. By playing their part, the personnel can enjoy the benefits of looking up and out from within the dome, surrounded by the wonders of the cosmos.

The collaboration between RAF Fylingdales and TruDomes to create a wellness centre within the 7-meter dome has been a source of great satisfaction. The dome provides a tranquil space for the staff at the centre, contributing to their overall well-being and offering a unique opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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