Below Zero Ice Driving, Åre ski resort, Sweden

While many seek relaxation in our domes, some clients attract thrill-seekers to challenging environments. Below Zero Ice Driving in northern Sweden is one such site.

Visitors flock to Åre ski resort to drive high-powered cars on a frozen lake circuit. TruDomes supplied a luxury dome, fitted with warmth-providing log burner and panoramic views of the spectacular backdrop.

With arctic weather and thick snow/ice, only durable structures suffice. TruDomes’ geodesic design is inherently strong yet lightweight. Aircraft-grade aluminium frames withstand weight, protected by rust-free coating.

The 650g/m2 PVC skin withstands -40°C temperatures. TruDomes withstood UK’s strongest storms while other structures failed.

Below Zero proves TruDomes thrive in extreme conditions. After adrenaline-pumping drives, visitors unwind in domes built to stay whatever the conditions – demonstrating the resilience and quality TruDomes are renowned for.

To find out more about ice driving with Below Zero visit their instagram profile here

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