The Fold Glamping Site, Herefordshire, England

Situated on St. Margaret’s Farm the Prichard Family have looked after the land for four generations. Amidst the 2020 lockdown, Matthew Prichard, originally a builder by trade, embarked on a journey of rediscovery along the meandering streams that adorn the land. It was during this time that he truly appreciated the privilege of owning the breathtaking 18-acre site and so The Fold was born.

Motivated by this newfound inspiration, Matthew conceived a visionary plan to fashion secluded and distinctive cabins that would provide both comfort and ample space for a luxurious getaway, all while adhering to an environmentally friendly ethos. Leveraging his expertise in the construction industry, he meticulously crafted the remarkable spaces that now grace The Fold.

We had the pleasure of working with the Prichard Family to create a magnificent and lavish 6m geodome offering for their clients. The sustainable nature of our geodomes seamlessly aligns with their commitment to environmental consciousness on the property. St. Margaret’s Farm is a registered Local Wildlife Reserve, teeming with a vibrant array of fauna. The harmonious symphony of birds, including owls, woodpeckers, and the majestic heron, frequents the area. On the surrounding fields, the family tends to their beloved sheep and welcomes playful lambs in the spring. As a testament to their dedication, Matthew tends to have four bee hives nestled in the corner of the site.

At The Fold, water is sourced from boreholes, and the site is powered by solar panels, demonstrating the family’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. Over 400 trees have been lovingly planted on-site, accompanied by the addition of more than 2,000 bulbs, including traditional bluebells, snowdrops, and daffodils. The family has also devised plans to establish a wildflower haven on a designated area of the farm, further enhancing its natural beauty.

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