Thorning Farm Glamping, Carmarthen, Wales

Thorning Farm, a family-run business, has embraced a deep love for nature during their 40 years of living on the farm.

With a desire to both utilize the farm and protect the surrounding natural environment, the owners stumbled upon the idea of glamping while enjoying a relaxing vacation with their family. Their own glamping experience was so enjoyable that they decided to open a Glamping and camping business, realizing it could be the perfect fit for their aspirations. Their profound passion for nature led them to create a setup that minimizes impact on the local wildlife, allowing their fields to remain wild while providing small designated areas for guests to enjoy the same natural beauty they witness every day.

During their journey of expansion, Thorning Farm Glamping found the perfect solution in the TruDomes family. This discovery allowed them to upgrade from Bell Tents to five Geodesic Domes, ensuring sustainable growth for their business. The Geodesic Domes not only provide a unique and eco-friendly accommodation experience but also offer guests breathtaking views of the magnificent Welsh coastline.

Equipped with large panoramic windows, the domes create a seamless connection between the interior and the stunning natural surroundings. The UV-protected windows and thick PVC exteriors guarantee that the domes can withstand any weather conditions that the Welsh coast may present. Guests can enjoy the beauty of the coastal landscape while feeling safe and comfortable within the domes’ protective structure.

To further align with their eco-conscious values, Thorning Farm Glamping sought a campsite certification from The Greener Camping Club. This affiliation allows them to contribute significantly to the environment, and for every booking they receive, they plant a tree on their farm. They are thrilled to be able to share this wonderful experience with their guests, knowing that they are making a positive impact on the environment.

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