Location, location, location! Keeping Your Geodesic Dome Cool In The Heat.

Posted on 17 June 2022

The Glamping Industry has enjoyed more growth in the past decade then ever before. Now, TruDomes are taking to the international stage and popping up in far-flung corners of the world. From humble beginnings in our Nuneaton manufacturing factory, TruDomes are now globetrotting to warmer climates and finding themselves at top holiday destinations!

One such sunspot added to the map is Corfu; this picturesque spot isn’t per se a glampsite, but more of a boutique glamping spot that screams unique Airbnb. Nestled on a rural hillside with picturesque views of the ocean, boasting an alfresco dining area and stunning panoramic views from the dome… this is what dreams are made of.

The photos of this place do all the talking… but just how practical are TruDomes when it comes to the heat? Geodesic Domes are famous for their weather resistance, and have been known to stay standing strong in the most testing and extreme weather conditions, from record breaking wind speeds to heavy rain and freezing temperatures.

That said, how well do these dome structures stay cool in the beating sun? Nobody wants to be stuck in a stuffy hotel room with no air con, or reverting back to the old school hand held fan to keep cool! TruDomes super power? The ability to create bespoke solutions to any environment through innovation.

TruDomes have created several solutions to keeping domes cool in hot climates. The Corfu Glamping Dome has an installed air con unit, which is a fantastic option to really make sure that the dome is cool and comfortable. However, if your Glampsite is off-grid, or you are looking for a more financially economic option to keeping the dome at the optimum temperature, a solar extraction fan is another great option that can easily be added to your bespoke dome package.

The solar-powered fan supports natural ventilation and efficient air circulation, which in hand, prevents moisture build up and condensation too. The solar extraction fans sit at the top of the dome, which of course, is a very economical option in a sunny location. When hot air rises, the extraction fan keeps air flowing and extracts the hot air from the dome.

Aside from the traditional air con and solar powered fan options; TruDomes have developed several design features to help regulate temperatures and allow the dome to circulate air. These include a unique window design to allow the panoramic dome window sections to roll up and open, allowing fresh air to enter the dome without opening doors.

Additionally, TruDomes have designed a bespoke stable door option new to 2022 which will be exhibited at The Glamping Show 2022, allowing the top half of the dome door to open and invite air into the dome without having to open a full door. Finally, TruDomes are available in a huge range of colours, but opting for white will help to reflect the suns powerful rays.

With fears of overheating put out of mind, the only thing left to do now is start searching for your dream dome summer of 2022 holiday destination! Perhaps you’ve been inspired, and Corfu dome adventures are next on your wanderlust list?




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