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With TruDomes you don’t have to limit your imagination. Our huge range of dome styles, sizes and colours, plus bespoke options, means with TruDomes your event can be everything you need it to be.

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Event Domes come in all sizes

Event Domes Great and Small

In addition to our DIY dome kits, we design and manufacture much larger constructions, and provide a team to put them together for you should you need it. Enjoy this glimpse of our team assembling a large bespoke geodesic dome, in a difficult to reach setting, for an events business.

More About Event Domes
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Dome Sweet Dome

With nearly 40 years of design and manufacture in aluminium and steel behind us we have a flair for developing quality products that meet real world needs. Our ‘self-build’ Glamping and Event Domes contain all of our British engineering DNA so you can be confident that with TruDomes, you’re not only buying, you’re investing.

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Stay up to date with news about TruDomes and the world of events and glamping.

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