Our Domes Scale With Your Needs

With TruDomes you don’t have to limit your imagination. Our huge range of dome styles, sizes and colours, plus bespoke options, means with TruDomes your event can be everything you need it to be.

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Event Domes come in all sizes

Looking For Your Perfect Event Dome?

Because our domes scale with your needs, you’ll never have to limit your imagination with our huge range of styles, sizes and colours. Simply get in touch with our friendly events team today to discuss your options.

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Event Domes Great and Small

With you from start to finish, we can even provide a team to put together our larger geodesic domes should you need one – here they are in action!

More About Event Domes
We are MUTA members for Glamping Domes and Events Domes

A trademark you can trust

We believe that our 40 years of design and manufacture experience has given us a flair for developing quality products that meet real-world needs. From ‘self-build’ glamping domes to larger event domes, each and every TruDome is stamped with our British engineering DNA to give you total confidence.

Our Glamping Domes and Events Domes are Made In Britain