How To: Get More Guests In 2020

Posted on 19 March 2020

Advertising techniques and the consumer market has changed so much, and so rapidly, over the last few years, that it can sometimes make businesses feel out of their depth. Especially if you’re a new or small business, falling occupancy rates could be a cause for despair – but we want to reassure you that there is plenty you can do to stay afloat!

Often, the problem that business owners face is that they continue to apply old methods to a new market. Today’s fast-paced, internet-obsessed culture means that we must be more adaptable than ever to catch attention, and the most important thing you can do is be strategic. The wealth of information available can make it seem overwhelming, but simply taking it one step at a time will help and go at your own pace.

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So, what’s first in the strategic approach? Modern tools are the best place to begin to appeal to the modern market, and that means utilising things like Facebook ads, Google ads and social media in general. The internet offers a wealth of information at your fingertips – learning resources such as Facebook Blueprint and Google Digital Garage are completely free and invaluable tools to get you started.

You may be asking why so much of the focus needs to be online, and our answer is simple: you are an online business! To break it down, think about this: where is your shopfront? Where do your customers first come across your business, and where do they see your products? Online! So, it follows that your best place for marketing is also online. The resources above will make sure you learn anything you need to know, or if you don’t want to learn yourself, consider hiring someone who specialises in online marketing.

And to get you started on how to prioritise your marketing needs here are some questions to start off your research:

  • How good are you at getting your business found online?
  • Are you communicating in specific ways that will appeal to specific customer groups?
  • Have you outlined your key customer groups and tailored advertising to each one?

Remember, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ process, and the more you know about your customer base, the better your advertising will be.

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With today’s ‘on-demand’ culture too, more and more bookings are made last minute, so it’s a good idea to think about how you could maximise on that market – perhaps offer more frequent offers with shorter deadlines to encourage people to book.

We hope you’ve found this short guide helpful – for more tips about all things glamping remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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