How To Make A Dome Into A Home: Top Tips On Interior Design

As they say, first impressions last, and this is certainly the case in the hospitality and travel industry. The interior scheme of your glamping accommodation sets the tone for your guests and can be the make or break of their stay. Good design can make a small space feel larger, create an ambience or mood and can ultimately turn your a bare space into a place of relaxation and serenity. TruDomes caught up with an expert in the field of Interior Design, Stacey from Peachy Keen Designs, to chat about all things design. 


Hi Stacey, thanks for speaking with us! First of all, tell us a bit about your business and story, and how would you describe your personal style as a designer and how did you go about developing that style?

Thank you for inviting me to talk a little about interior design! I founded Peachy Keen Designs in 2020, and I’ve been helping people fall in love with their homes since then! I would probably best describe my personal style as bold and colourful. I love styles that are a little bit different to the norm, that stand out and make a statement. My home is definitely a reflection of my personality and I think that everyone’s should be.

I developed my style from trial and error in my own home, finding out what worked for me and what didn’t. Much to the dismay of my partner I’m sure, he is very glad that I’ve finally managed to pin down a style that I love and he loves too. 🙂

As an interior designer, we imagine you’ve noticed a lot of changes throughout the last year, in light of the pandemic and the changes that people have had to adapt to? How have things changed for you and what sort of changes have you noticed in regards to interior trends?

Our homes have really become a place of importance over the last year or so, a lot of clients that I have recently worked with have become bored with their plain interiors and want something that has a bit more life to it. Using bolder colours is becoming a more popular choice, people want to find happiness and comfort within their homes especially with them spending more time within them and that often comes from colour.


What sort of trends are you expecting to see more of in 2021 and why do you think that is?

I believe 2021 will bring a change to the way people work and socialise, and subsequently how they treat their houses. With more people than ever working remotely, I believe the lines between home and work are increasingly blurred, and this will change the way people make use of space. I also believe there will be a lot of people desperate to socialise when we are allowed to, so I think there will be a renewed importance placed on the home as somewhere to invite friends and family to entertain and socialise.

Style-wise I am expecting textured furniture to really take off in the next few years, flat surfaced cabinets/wardrobes are slowly becoming less popular and are being replaced with grooved or panelled doors and I am all here for it, it brings something different and unique into the room. Having different textures in interiors is truly a feast for the eyes. You can also see on the market a lot of different statement vases, they are all over social media and are becoming the items to have, colourful, big, bold and unique vases are becoming the perfect accessories to fill a space on a shelf or to sit on the cabinet and really bring some character into a room. I’m also seeing a lot of interest in green walls in interiors which I think will continue over the next couple of years. Green helps give a sense of connection with nature which many people are wanting. The general design “rules” to stick to are being thrown out of the window and people are just wanting what makes them happy and ultimately that is what interior design is all about.


Obviously, styling a geodesic dome is a little different to styling a house. With such a blank canvas to work with, what advice would you give to people in the glamping business that want to give their glamping dome a unique edge above the rest for their guests?

The best feeling you can give your guests is the feeling that they are at home, without being at home. Creating a cosy, luxurious feeling will go a long way towards allowing your guests to settle down, relax and enjoy themselves.

Don’t be afraid of colour! Smaller spaces can appear a lot bigger and more inviting when the right colour is used, and that combined with finishing touches such as scattered cushions and blankets can make a real difference.

Glamping is one large aspect of our business, but dining is too. Do you have any tips or advice for restaurant and hospitality businesses that are dressing their dining domes? 

After this year, I think we all deserve a little treat and to spoil ourselves! What better way than a lovely meal out?

Your space should reflect how you would like your guests to feel, and I think it’s important to get the balance between creating a space that is inviting and luxurious without one overpowering the other. Small details make a big impact on the aesthetic of a space and the attention to detail can really improve a dining experience.

How do you know when interior design is “good” and what would you say are the main aspects of a well-designed space?

I believe spaces (be they homes, glamping pods, restaurants or hotel rooms) should reflect the personalities of the people that have to spend the most time in them.

To that end, “good” is entirely subjective, and the only people that can say for sure whether a design has achieved it’s goals are the people enjoying the space! That said, there are two keys points that I would recommend people try and stick by:

  • The balance of colour – you don’t want one colour to overpower the other. It’s important that when using multiple colours that they all compliment each other so the aesthetic flows and doesn’t look messy.
  • It is important to make the best use of space without it looking crowded, the way furniture is placed in a room can make a real positive or negative impact on how it looks and feels. Make sure that pieces of furniture aren’t too close together, are you blocking any windows unnecessarily? Is there a good path that you are able to walk through without bumping into anything?

These may seem trivial but when you make multiple spatial and colour errors they can quickly combine to make a space feel smaller and less inviting.


What inspires you as an interior designer?

Everything! I am always on the lookout for inspiration! A nice plant, a special picture… inspiration can come from anywhere if you keep an open mind.

 I love staying at different places and seeing how people style them. Rightmove is also like a newspaper for me, I love it! I look on it every single day to look at different homes and how they are styled. Pinterest is also something that I spend a lot of time browsing – some of the designs and spaces that people have created are just breathtaking!

When you are sourcing furnishings for your projects, do you tend to buy new or do you invest in new and second hand pieces? Do you have any thrifty advice for anyone looking to design a space on a budget?

Both! Transforming a space really can be done on any budget. If someone tells you that you need a lot of money to make an interiors look good then they are missing a trick! I’m really passionate about this, I know not everyone has a magical money tree that they can throw into décor, but you really don’t need it. You just need to get creative! Upcycling is becoming really popular and you can transform almost any piece of furniture to fit into a scheme that you’re trying to achieve. I also love to shop small, this helps you find more unique pieces that make your space feel completely your own.

Etsy is a great place to start and is full of lots of small business owners selling beautiful interior pieces, I buy a lot of items for projects from there and I am always happy with the result. One piece of advice I would give is shop around. If you think you’ve found something at a good price, don’t stop looking and I guarantee you will be able to find something for a bargain. There’s lots of selling sites now where you can get second hand furniture and accessories with a really affordable price tag that more often than not are in perfect condition.

Also, don’t be afraid to get stuck in! DIY can save so much money, there are tutorials on youtube to teach you how to do pretty much anything, and the satisfaction of achieving something yourself is second to none.


What’s the best project you’ve worked on and why?

The best project was probably one of my first ones, it was all new and exciting (I still get excited about each project now). My clients at the time were bored of their all magnolia walls and wanted a splash of colour and personality in every room, we used different shades of greens, blues, blacks and dusky purples combined with lots of different textures and patterns. It was such a fun colour palette and it really transformed their home into a place that they love. It was a bit of a challenge and there were some obstacles but it looked perfect in the end!


What are your plans for the future and what do you see for the future of interior design?

One of the main reasons that I am so passionate about interior design is because I want everyone to have a home that they love, that they enjoy spending time in and are proud to show off. So I would say that is hopefully what will be in the future for Peachy Keen Designs, helping as many people as I can create homes of their dreams and growing the Peachy Keen community.

I think interior design has an exciting future, it is something that is forever changing and evolving and after the last year I believe it is going to be something that is going to be of interest for the majority. Trends are becoming more interesting and peoples homes are becoming the centre of their lives, I think people are going to want to get more involved with the process and learn more about how to make their home perfect for them. I am excited to be on this journey with people, the journey to making spaces bring joy to so many.

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