How To: Turn Your Dome Into A Hot Tub Dome

They’re all the rage with Brits in search of an easy way to unwind, but what do you do when its raining? In the latest of our how-to articles offering inspiration with new ways to use our geodesic domes. Read on to find out how we think a Hot Tub dome could work…


What would it look like?

Inflatable Hot Tubs have experienced a huge boom in popularity in recent years, because they no longer have to be built in and are much easier on the budget. Perfect for winding down in all seasons, the British weather is the only thing standing in the way of them really coming into their own – so why not put one in a dome? The round floor space naturally lends itself to a Hot Tub’s round shape, meaning it will fit beautifully in the centre and allow plenty of floor space around it.

The wide panoramic window in each dome offers plentiful light and stunning views of the sunset, while the customisable, coloured panels allow for privacy when getting in and out. Or, if your dome is going somewhere private, why not make it clear to give you an unbeatable view?


How could you use it?

As an addition to a glamping site, we think Hot Tub domes could be the next big thing – a perfect way to add something extra to the outdoor experience without breaking the bank, and let’s not forget that it’s called ‘glamping’ for a reason!

What do you think about this use for geodesic domes? If you’re inspired to create your own space, we’d love to hear about how you’d use it – join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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