How To: Turn Your Geodesic Dome Into A Café

There’s nothing people love more than a quirky café spot, and where better to begin than with a completely customisable geodesic dome? Offering both flexibility and creative modern design, we think domes could become the perfect place for a cup of artisan coffee.

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Read on to see how you could create the trendiest watering hole wherever you are…

What would it look like?

Whether you want to begin your business in the heart of town or the far-off countryside, a dome is the ideal place to simply pop up and begin serving customers. Because of their portable nature, you could even choose to become a travelling café in both rural and urban settings – perfect for catching hikers in need of refreshment or serving some of the hottest spots in town without the high fees of brick and mortar buildings.

Endless customisation too, your branding can be built into the dome itself, with coloured panels and huge windows to take advantage of any view. And as their shape makes them efficient at heating the space inside, your dome will be the perfect cosy spot to warm up on a cold night.

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How could you use it?

We can imagine a dome café as a trendy city pop-up, perfect for travelling around the country to various cities, or even popping up in the remote countryside to offer unique refreshment to those exploring England. The modern look of the triangle, modular panels also lends itself perfectly to artisan makers – the possibilities really are endless, so what would you do with yours?

What do you think about this use for geodesic domes? If you’re inspired to create your own space, we’d love to hear about how you’d use it – join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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