Introducing our new consultancy partners – Tractors & Cream!

Posted on 8 April 2024

TruDomes are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with another award-winning name in the glamping industry following the launch of a new partnership with glampsite experts, Tractors & Cream.

Well-known throughout the glamping community and beyond, Vicki and Bryan Jones own the Tractors & Cream eco retreat in Somerset which includes seven TruDomes geodomes and was featured on BBC Two show, My Unique B&B. The husband-and-wife couple will be using their wealth of experience in launching and running a successful glamping business to provide a free consultancy service with every dome order, offering advice to TruDomes customers on every aspect of the industry, from planning to marketing.

TruDomes Vice President, Louise Stone, said:

“We are delighted to have Vicki and Bryan on board to bring added value to our clients. Tractors & Cream are highly regarded throughout the glamping industry and they have built an amazing following through their YouTube channel. They have a real passion for sustainable glamping and I know that their expertise will be a fantastic resource for our customers, especially when it comes to the marketing and promoting a glampsite, one of the most important elements to get right.”

We recently spoke to Vicki to discuss their glamping journey and the new partnership with TruDomes.

What motivated you and Bryan to initiate a glamping consultancy venture?

“We decided to start a mentoring service for glamping sites basically by accident! We started a YouTube channel all about running a glamping site back in 2020 and as that started to grow, we got more and more people from all over the world asking us questions via email or in the comments section of the YouTube channel. We had people wanting to visit our site and ask us questions in person and even people asking to come and do work experience with us.
When we set up our site we learnt so much and made mistakes along the way, so gained a wealth of knowledge that we are happy to share with others to make their journey easier.”

What do you consider to be the biggest challenge(s) when launching a new glamping business?

“Most people see the biggest challenge as getting planning permission for their site. But once you’ve got the planning permission you actually need people to know that your site exists. Gone are the days of the “build it and they will come” philosophy – they were the pre-covid days! Now there is a lot of competition and your site needs to stand out from the crowd. You can have the most amazing glamping site but if no one knows about it, you’ve got no business. Marketing your site is a big challenge but can also be the most fun part in my opinion!”

What are the most rewarding aspects of owning a glamping business?

“For me – the people you meet and the lives you impact are the most rewarding aspects of running a glamping business. We have a large amount of repeat guests and I know that for so many children, their yearly holiday to Tractors and Cream is a core memory they will have for the rest of their lives.”

What are the most important things to get right when planning a glamping business?

“There are so many things to think about when you are planning a glamping business but I would say the key ones are planning your site layout well, including future proofing it so you can add to it if you need to. I would also say choosing your target demographic is really important and planning your site with your ideal guest in mind will make marketing and getting the customers you want so much easier.”

What services do you plan to provide to TruDomes customers?

“The services that TruDomes customers can expect from me is support and guidance during every step of the set-up process and beyond. I am not a planning expert but I have experience in the different options available. We can talk through site layout, solar or electric set-up, getting services to the dome and the building of bases and the dome itself, marketing, insurance, booking systems, day to day running costs, really whatever they feel they need help with.”

Why have you chosen TruDomes as your partner and what advantages do customers gain from purchasing a TruDome?

“TruDomes have been an integral part of our glamping story – we needed a wind-resistant, canvas structure and the geodesic dome was perfect. When we were researching suppliers, TruDomes stood out way above the competition, not only for the quality of the product but also their customer service. From building 7 domes on our site ranging from a 4.4 metre up to a 10 metre, we know TruDomes domes so well and know we can help both new and existing TruDomes customers on their journey. When someone buys a TruDome they aren’t just getting a dome, they become part of the TruDomes family. It can be a lonely process building a business from scratch but when there are like-minded people helping you out and championing your business, it makes everything much easier and more enjoyable.”

If you’re looking to launch a glampsite with the use of geodomes, talk to TruDomes today – we can supply domes with market-leading manufacturing quality and hook you up with two of the best minds in the industry when it comes to building a successful glamping business!

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