The Eco-Friendly Side Of Geodesic Domes

Posted on 11 June 2019

Geodesic domes first made their name for their many environmental benefits, and have enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity for the same reason.

As social movements toward sustainable living reach viral levels across social media, it’s the perfect time to delve deeper into what makes these domes a great choice for the environment, as well as a stylish event space or holiday getaway.


To start with, the dome shape that makes these structures so eye-catching is a big part of what helps them maintain impressive energy efficiency – the lack of corners enables geodesic domes to maintain even temperatures throughout the space, and in some cases will use only a quarter of what a standard rectangular structure of the same size would use. 

The unique shape also allows light to refract and stay inside the dome for longer than other structures, offering prolonged light throughout winter months and a reduced need for artificial lighting. And as these structures take better advantage of solar gain, artificial lights are easily powered using solar energy; take a look at our solar panel add-ons here.

Domes also use up to a third less material in construction, saving on costs as well as helping the environment. At TruDomes, we go one step further by using lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminium to construct our domes – not only does this make them stronger and more durable, it’s also highly recyclable and therefore impressively eco-friendly.

Have we sold you on the benefits of geodesic domes? Contact us today to discuss how TruDomes can offer you the perfect solution for your needs.

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