The Value Of Instagram In The Hospitality Sector

Posted on 26 March 2020

There’s no doubt about it – Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing tools available, when used properly. Particularly in the hospitality sector, showing off top quality visuals is a sure-fire way to capture guests and clients and get them talking about you.

Of course, such a powerful tool can also be your greatest liability; poorly executed visuals will simply be scrolled past and ignored, and you’ll be lost in a sea of competing venues. After all, Instagram is all about selling the dream and the people that you’re trying to reach with this platform are all from the generation where brand marketing and their platforms are instantaneous and image heavy. Even modern websites are being simplified to the point of having just one or two lines of text dominated by images.

Dining Dome Render (2)

Today’s audiences are also much less willing to accept the difference between images and reality, and if Instagram has done one thing it has made businesses and venues aware of the importance of the need for decent photography.

So how can you make the most of Instagram? Simplicity is key; fewer, high-quality images are much more valuable than a hundred poor ones. Focus on standout shots that showcase your venue it its best light – think about what makes your venue special and note down any views that you love. Injecting your businesses personality into the images will help to sell the experience you’re offering.

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Regularly creating new images is also very important to retain interest – today’s culture is easily bored and won’t tolerate image recycling. For the best results, try to create a bank for each of the key quarters that will allow you to keep relevant to the seasons (no one wants to see snow in July, after all). And remember; timely, well-shot pictures will pay off much better than wordy adverts!

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