We’re Calling It – These Are The Top Glamping Trends In 2019

Posted on 10 July 2019

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As with all businesses, there are new trends and ideas every year, and we love to see what’s up and coming each season. Whether you’ve been running your glamping business for years or are just thinking about getting started, we’ve put together some of the hottest trends we’ve spotted for 2019…

  1. Devon over Cornwall

A battle of the two biggest holiday destinations in the UK, Devon has officially beaten Cornwall as the UK’s most popular glamping destination – for the first time ever. Home to stunning scenery and some of the best glampsites around, we’re sure this beautiful place won’t be giving up this top spot any time soon. 


  1. Green glamping

Some call it the David Attenborough Effect, others say social media has given the younger generation a greater awareness of climate change. Whatever the reason, growing concerns for the environment have made their way into the travel industry too, and seen holidaymakers ditching luxury hotels as well as plastic straws in favour of ‘eco-camping’. Many glampsites are already taking advantage of this trend, offering the best of both worlds for those who want to get back to nature without literally getting back to nature.

  1. Treehouses

For glampers on the hunt for new experiences, treehouse accommodation offers unrivalled views and a truly unique holiday opportunity (as long as you’re not afraid of heights, that is). Don’t be fooled by photos of tents hanging from branches either – treetop houses can offer all the amenities glamping enthusiasts could ask for.

  1. Protected dark skies and ‘astrotourism’

Last year saw the number of officially recognised International Dark-Sky Places hit the big 100, and that number has continued to rise during 2019. We can’t imagine anything more luxurious than going to sleep beneath a blanket of stars, which is why we think this is one trend that’s going to stick around.

  1. Bespoke, unique and quirky accommodation

There’s nothing we love more than some unusual accommodation, and in recent years glampsite owners have been getting more and more creative – did you know that you can stay in a UFO in Pembrokeshire, or Hagrid’s hut in Yorkshire? We’ve even built a bespoke Pacman-themed dome for a customer recently!

  1. Go wild (camping)

We know what you’re thinking: can wild camping really offer the luxury that glampers are looking for? With the right place to stay, absolutely. This recent trend has built from a combination of eco-camping and a move towards more unique places to stay, and for many glampers, the more remote the better! So if you’ve got some unused ‘wild’ areas on your land, it could be the perfect spot to tuck away one of our geodesic domes…

  1. Local and independent sites

It started with produce and has made it all the way to the tourist trade – it’s all about staying local for 2019. We don’t mean camping in your back garden though; holidaymakers have simply been discovering how beautiful the UK can be, and there’s no better place to enjoy nature than from some luxurious glamping accommodation. Which place in Britain would you love to explore?

Have you spotted these trends too? Or are there others that you can see on the horizon? Make sure you let us know your thoughts on 2019’s top glamping trends via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram



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