Do Geodesic Domes Really Inspire Learning? We Think So…

Posted on 4 November 2020

It’s no question that today’s learning environment is focusing much more on creativity and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking than ever before – and a big part of that involves outdoor learning. In fact, did you know that it boosts pupil engagement, social skills and wellbeing in 9 out of 10 cases?1 That’s a pretty impressive statistic, but it can still be hard to know how best to incorporate it into your curriculum. That’s where the versatile, portable, and all-around amazing geodesic dome comes in!


Starting with versatility, the geodesic dome really is a top performer when it comes to revitalising underused space within school grounds – and unlike those creaky and cold ‘temporary’ structures that used to (and still can) be found on the edge of school fields, a dome is comfortable, warm and eye-catching enough to become a focal point of your grounds. Inciting excitement and wonder from visitors and pupils alike, we’re even able to install your dome wherever you like – be that a school field, courtyard or even rooftop! Speak to our team to find out more about how we can help with installation.

When you think of geodesic domes, the first thing that probably comes to mind are the huge biodomes that make up the Eden Project’s impressive tropical collection. That’s because nature and domes go hand in hand.

Children reading books at park against trees and meadow in the park-1


So when you’re looking for a space that will inspire pupils to return to nature from our technologically-heavy world, there really isn’t any place that’s better. You can choose to have a crystal clear PVC covering over the whole of your TruDome or opt for your school’s colours with a wide panoramic window to show off the view – whichever option you prefer, your pupils will be able to experience undiluted nature while remaining comfortable whatever the weather.

strawberry in heart shape bowl


There’s also a reason that many successful greenhouses are dome shaped – they’re perfect for bringing nature inside, too. Your outdoor classroom is the perfect place to teach children about growing their own produce or plants, allowing for fun and enriching hands-on learning that is sure to resonate with pupils. The open planned nature of our domes also allow for much more interactivity both with the environment and each other, promoting a fantastic team spirit and offering collaborative learning in a whole new way.

Is it time for your school to upgrade its learning space? You can take a look at your dome options on our website or enquire directly with our team to discuss your needs – we’re always happy to help!


1 Natural Connections Project funded by Defra, Natural England and Historic England, and delivered by Plymouth University (2016). Transforming Outdoor Learning in Schools: Lessons from the Natural Connections Project (p. 8). (Full report)


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