Domes vs. Yurts? A Guide

Posted on 26 November 2020

When considering investing in accommodation for your glampsite, it’s easy to get caught between two popular options – the dome or the yurt. Which one is the best fit for you? Is one better than the other? The yurt rose to popularity amongst holiday site owners before the dome, but does that mean it’s better? Read on to find out…


Quick side-by-side 


  • They can withstand heavy snowfall and rain due to their unique shape’s impressive weight distribution.
  • They can equally withstand gale-force winds thanks to their aerodynamic shape without needing extra tethering.
  • TruDomes are made with recyclable aircraft-grade aluminium and UV/mildew-resistant PVC.
  • Geodesic Domes are one of the most efficient spaces to heat and cool owing to the unique shape that allows air to flow unobstructed.
  • TruDomes have a large, panoramic window that keeps it naturally light inside and allows guests to appreciate an unobstructed view of the great outdoors.


  • Struggle under heavy snowfall as their shape can let it gather and overload the structure.
  • Require additional tethering in heavy wind conditions – the cone shape doesn’t allow wind flow to go around it like a dome.
  • They are often made using wood and canvas, which requires substantial upkeep and weatherproofing.
  • Have a more traditional look and feel.

The dome in depth

Thanks to their portability, sustainability and economical building costs, the answer to many accommodation problems is often a dome – so much so that they’ve even been used in disaster relief efforts. Requiring simple tools and only a matter of hours to erect, they’re also suitable for all terrain types, making them the perfect choice for all holiday sites.

Domes are also classified as temporary structures, which makes it a more straightforward task to meet building codes and obtain planning permission – one less thing to worry about! Non-traditional (but continually gaining in popularity) holiday markets such as glamping and eco-tourism are increasingly choosing to erect domes thanks to their sustainable nature and unique aesthetic.

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And since its circular design encloses the most significant volume of interior space with the least surface area, your guests will never feel cramped or too confined. Yurts may look more traditional but can offer very little in the way of space – particularly vertically.

Here at TruDomes, we’ve got even more reasons to choose a dome as your next site addition, too: our aircraft-grade aluminium frames are corrosion-resistant and incredibly lightweight; they’re also solid and easily recyclable. We’re also proud to be based and manufactured in the UK and part of Made in Britain and MUTA – meaning we uphold the industry’s highest standards.

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