How To: Turn Your Dome Into A Care Home Visiting Bubble

Over the course of this unprecedented (to say the least!) year, we’ve been continually amazed at all the wonderful uses our geodesic domes can be put to. From dining bubbles for restaurants to extra space for businesses to accommodate social distancing, creativity has certainly defined our year – and one of our favourite innovations has been the use of our domes to help people visit their friends and relatives in care homes safely. Read on to find out how it works…

What would it look like?

With safe social distancing at the forefront of this kind of dome’s special requirements, it’s a geodesic dome like you’ve never seen one before: our clever team has designed our visiting dome to incorporate two separate entrances – one for the resident and one for the visitor – to minimise cross contact and a screen in the middle of the dome to help protect residents and visitors.

For added comfort, especially during these cold winter months, we have included insulation to make sure the interior is kept cosy and warm, and with the addition of a few comfy armchairs and home touches, our visiting bubble ticks all the boxes for that comfortable living room feel – the perfect way to stay close to your loved ones during the pandemic.


How could you use it?

Besides its obvious use as a visiting space for care homes, we think there’s also potential for this specially designed dome to be used in other scenarios – hospital visiting for example, as well as COVID-19 safe meeting spaces for anyone that needs it. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that the only limit really is your imagination!

If you’d like to discuss creating your own visiting dome or designing one for another purpose, we’d love to hear from you –get in touch with our friendly team today.

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