How To: Get Dining Out Back On The Menu

‘What are you most looking forward to after lockdown?’ – This is one of our favourite family talking points since March 20th. My youngest daughter – almost without hesitation, replied that she would love nothing more than a family meal at our local Ask Italian restaurant as soon as we are able to.


With lockdown restrictions easing around the world and in the UK the ‘Our Plan To Rebuild: The UK Government’s Covid-19 recovery strategy’ outlines that pubs, restaurants and hospitality venues may potentially look towards an opening date of July 4th. These so-called “higher-risk businesses and public places” will have to think carefully on how they can safely operate and mitigate risks in our new post-lockdown world.

Some people have returned to school this week and as more businesses are opening their doors, we have all become familiar with social distancing and we know a little more about our ‘bubbles’ of people. Searching for our missed experiences (such as dining out) whilst still protecting our nearest and dearest becomes a new conundrum. 

However, we are British and we know what resilience is – it is part of our rich heritage and so we will navigate our way through. We have seen examples around the world of 2 metre social distancing hats, mannequins and cardboard cut outs to fill seats and tables that ensure social distancing and even solo 2 metre bumper tables! In the UK, we will no doubt draw upon our own brand of innovation and we look forward to the inspiring and fun ways that will be found to bounce back. 

At TruDomes we have listened to our colleagues and friends in the hospitality sector and innovated with new additions to our Dining Dome line up with Dining Cubes and Dining Yurts that we hope will help bring dining out back on the menu, and people safely back together. With their clear covers as standard, they offer practical protection from the elements as well as the ambience of alfresco dining and peace of mind for bar, restaurant, cafe, pub and bistro owners and their customers alike. With our new line-up we can accommodate various configurations, square footage and budget requirements too. Bespoke options are always an option as well of course because you’re dealing directly with the designers and manufacturers of our own products. If you want to learn more, download our dedicated Dining Shelters Brochure here or fill out our call back request form at the bottom of this page: 


Whatever solutions work for you, we hope to see Mums and Dads having a night off cooking and families and loved ones dining out, disconnecting from life and connecting with each other over delicious meals all over the country soon!

Comment below to tell us which restaurant or dish you will be rushing out to enjoy first! Is it tea-time yet?!


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