Running a Glampsite in a Post-Coronavirus World – Our Advice


Plan, plan, plan

It can seem overwhelming when you read about all the extra measures, cleaning and training businesses need to undertake when reopening to the public – to help you sort out what to do and when to do it, we recommend writing everything down on paper and highlighting what needs to be done right now, what can wait, and what needs some extra work.

To get you started, you can visit the website for current information and useful templates then try splitting jobs into categories such as:

  • Risk assessments
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Communication
  • Staff training

Systems are go

Systems are vital for large and small businesses alike, helping to keep everything running smoothly and (mostly) taking away the stress of the unexpected. After writing down your plan, see if any systems – these could be as simple as a sign-off sheet for maintenance and cleaning staff – would help you manage the extra processes you’ll need to complete.

Time for training

With all the extra considerations you’ll need to take, some extra training for you and your staff could be helpful to make sure you feel on top of everything. It’ll also be a great plus to advertise to customers, helping more people to feel safe when choosing to stay with you.

Business as usual?

It’s important not to forget about the normal aspects of your business while you’re busy preparing all the new ones – they are what makes it unique, after all! Remember the key values of your business and make sure they remain important amid everything else going on.

Play to your strengths

Glamping is in a unique position right now – travellers are no longer travelling abroad in such large numbers, and everyone is craving fresh air! Take advantage of the market right now and advertise what a fantastic time it is to go glamping.

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