How To: Turn A Geodesic Dome Into ‘Pop-Up Accommodation’

Posted on 6 January 2021

While staycations were already enjoying a steady increase in popularity before anyone had even heard of the coronavirus, and now they’re one of the few things to be benefitting from the pandemic (adhering to the appropriate safety measures, of course).

Businesses are being more and more creative in what they have to offer, and that’s where the idea of ‘pop-up accommodation’ comes in. Places that haven’t offered accommodation before, such as nature parks, are finding it’s become worth their while to attract some much-needed extra foot traffic. And with their easy set-up, luxurious feel and hard-wearing capability, we think a geodesic dome is the perfect say to do it.

What would it look like?DSC_7383

The beauty of our domes means it could look like anything you want – you could have just one or a whole ‘village’ of dome accommodation ready to welcome overnight guests! Choose from a range of colours that suit your business and style, and then keep it basic or go all-out on the inside. Our glamping domes are big enough to fit a double bed and two futons, making for a comfortable stay whatever the weather.

How could you use it?Halloween dome

This idea is perfect for hosting one-off special events – a spooky Halloween retreat, anyone? – or making a regular or semi-regular glamping experience part of your regular calendar. Just make sure you read up on relevant planning permissions before you begin to avoid any nasty surprises; your local council will have all the information you need and are the best people to ask.

We’d love to see if you decide to try out pop-up accommodation, and what you do with it – find us on social media to let us know! join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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