Five lessons to take into 2021

Posted on 30 December 2020

Looking back on a rollercoaster year, we’re pleased to see that the glamping and unique holiday rental sectors have taken the outdoor hospitality industry to new heights – not only surviving but finding new ways to thrive through incredible challenges. That said, we know just how tough it’s been for many businesses and stand with all those still fighting to keep their doors open.

As we head into the new year, here are five lessons from this year to remember in the next.

Stay curious

Remaining focused in the face of adversity is a daunting task, but one that can be made easier with tactics such as remembering why you love your business and using that passion to continuously explore new ideas and ways of working. Staying curious can be a sanity-saving, and vital, distraction!

Seize opportunities333

In a time when most things feel uncertain, taking opportunities where you can is important to your survival, and can often lead to new avenues you hadn’t necessarily considered before. Make seizing opportunities when you see them a habit, and you may be surprised at how far you’ve come by next year.

Recognize change and be proactive

We’re very much hoping that 2021 won’t be nearly as dramatically changeable as this year has been, but it’s always important to your business to keep yourself and future-facing as possible. Be on the lookout for potential changes in the business and try to react as proactively as possible.

Don’t neglect the internal

While you’re looking ahead, don’t forget to take of yourselves too – you deserve it! Make time to develop and recognise the fantastic internal aspects of your business and remember what makes it so special in the first place. Doing this will mean a stronger business overall, which usually means more successful, too.

Embrace change

Where would we be without change? Even when it seems like the hardest thing possible, embracing change and trying to find the positives in all situations will turn even the blackest outlook into a silver lining. And who doesn’t need one of those after this year?

Happy New Year, everyone – stay safe, and stay positive!

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