Little Earth Centre doing well with business in great health

Posted on 30 January 2024

Geodesic domes have a unique range of attributes that makes them perfect for wellness retreats.  There’s an immersive quality to their 360-degre curvature. Their large floorspace provides ample room for meditation and their high apex creates a sense of freedom, openness and creativity. Their spherical structure allows the free flow of energy while their geometric lines reflect balance and stability. An abundance of window panels can nourish the space with natural light and give the feeling of an open-air setting in harmony with nature.

Launched in 2022, Little Earth Centre is one of countless practitioners to recognise the value of a dome in facilitating the wellness experience for their clients. The site, which represents Wolverhampton’s first Holistic Health and Retreat Centre, combines a wide variety of holistic practices in one location for people to return to their wellbeing or discover a new path. The space has been lovingly built to support the community in navigating busy modern life, providing a one-stop hub for all to rest, retreat, and reconnect.

Founder, Aman Bhandal, explained the thinking behind Little Earth Centre:

“With Little Earth Centre, we wanted to create an open, safe space for healing and modality. It’s a judgement-free space for people to freely explore new facets of themselves. We pride ourselves on providing a place which reflects the diversity of our community where everyone is safe, loved and cared for. We support all kinds of visitors and events – from kids’ birthday parties to meditation and baby yoga. Earlier this year, we welcomed an Amazon tribe to stay.”

Little Earth Centre has invested in quality to enhance the experience. The site includes a wood burning sauna for up to 16 people and a plunge cold container for use after the sauna or during other events. A Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber provides a simple, pain-free and non-invasive treatment that increases the amount of oxygen within the blood and tissues. At the heart of Little Earth Centre is a geodome supplied by TruDomes, providing versatile functionality to serve a wide range of activities.

Aman explained the benefits of a dome from TruDomes:

“The dome is an amazing event space.  It’s ideal for dance, meditation, yoga and parties. We wanted a geodome because its shape allows energy to travel without restriction, which is central to the experiences, activities and treatments we provide. TruDomes is a great company and they did an excellent job. Their after-sale service is very impressive,  dealing with any issues quickly and effectively. We’re very happy with our dome and we’ll definitely return to TruDomes if we decide to invest in another one.”

We’re delighted to see Little Earth Centre thriving with a wide range of bookings and a growing list of loyal and appreciative clients. Like many wellness retreats, they have utilised one of our domes to establish a very healthy business.

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