‘Staycation Nation’ Britons Set To Boost UK Economy By £31 Billion This Summer

Posted on 15 May 2018


A recent Travelodge Holiday report which surveys 3,000 British adults annually revealed, that we have become a ‘Staycation Nation’. This summer, over half of Britons (57%) are holidaying on British shores which is an increase of 2% (55%) from 2017. The average length of the Staycation break is a week.

Kelda Bassett, TruDomes Spokeswoman said: “Recent travel behaviour reports confirm that confidence for a Great British Holiday is high. We’re all looking forward to the Summer ahead and welcome the recent weather forecasts suggesting that the current warm weather could last for the rest of May and stretch into June. On the lead-up to a Royal Wedding and the Queen’s 65th Coronation, there is much to celebrate this year. It is set to be a truly Great year for Glamping and the British economy.”

From the same Travelodge survey, we discover that 38% of loyal Britons prefer to holiday in the UK rather than Europe to support their economy. 2018 is the perfect time to get a competitive edge and appeal to nearly 40% of your target audience by offering them British designed and manufactured glamping accommodation. TruDomes glamping domes are proud members of Made in Britain, and so installing one at your site and supporting our economy will be worth shouting about!

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