Style Guide: Creating The Perfect Rustic Look.

The word glamping often brings to mind artfully shabby, natural wood furniture and chunky woollen blankets perfect for cool winter nights – all surrounded by stunning countryside views, of course. In its essence, rustic style is a design emphasis on rugged, natural beauty; it embraces nature-inspired textures and simple, earthy colours. Together, this achieves an unpretentious and organic warmth that’s ideal for offering a relaxing space for your guests to enjoy their time with you.Gayton Farm 6x4 (2)-1

In its traditional sense, rustic design can appear dark and heavy, however recent years have offered a contemporary take that creates a fresh, light and grounded look. And combined with the openness of our domes, you’re sure to impress if you follow just a few simple guidelines for a cohesive style. This style guide will give you all you need to transform your dome on any budget!

  1. Natural materials form the foundation of rustic style – unfinished wood and undyed fabrics provide a great blank canvas to begin your transformation.
  2. Wide wooden planks on the floors offer a simple and solid look and feel to the space, grounding your décor without drawing attention away from your showstopping pieces.
  3. A cosy fireplace is the staple of both glamping trips and rustic style alike – opt for simple and solid design and unfinished metal, like something you’d find in an old-fashioned farmhouse.
  4. Neutral and natural colours such as sand and mud brown with splashes of pine green are soothing and evocative. Stick to nature’s more muted tones and your guests will feel refreshed and recharged after their stay, no matter how short.
  5. Large and chunky furniture give a distinct presence and drama to the space, giving a focal point to the style while blending into the nature surrounding you.
  6. Balance with white – to avoid your space feeling too heavy, choose white walls and soft furnishings that brighten the room and emphasise the spacious open floor plan of our domes.

We could go on forever about the simple beauty of rustic style but leaving you to your creativity is part of the fun of creating your own unique accommodation. Don’t forget to post pictures of your finished space though – we can’t wait to see them! Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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