TruDomes Weather The Storms

Posted on 27 April 2022

The UK recently witnessed a relentless hat trick of storms that brought disruption to many areas. Dudley, Eunice and Franklin may have sounded friendly enough, but the levelling that unfolded, Britain had not seen such a storm for over 30 years. We saw flooding, power cuts, fallen trees, wheelie bins and trampolines in flight, widespread travel disruption… and even witnessed the O2 roof bow its head and admit defeat to the strength of the storm. The Met Office reported a wind speed of up to 122mph on the Isle of Wight on the Friday, and at least three people tragically lost their lives in the carnage.

With red and amber warnings across Britain, we braced ourselves as many venues and events shut down in anticipation. The Glamping Industry was left especially vulnerable, since many businesses outdoor accommodation remain all year round. TruDomes sent word to secure fasten domes to the ground, as our dome owners prepared for the storm. Some chose to cancel bookings, while others went ahead after reassurance from previous experience that TruDomes are made of stronger stuff.

You see, there are numerous steps that TruDomes have taken to ensure the robustness of these structures. In the first instance, Geodesic Domes are notoriously strong. The American Institute of Architects refers to the Geodesic Dome the “strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man”. The connected triangles that make up the structure give them unrivalled strength, and the spherical shape means that there are no large straight areas that can perish in the wind, allowing domes to hold their own in even the most extreme weather conditions.

That said, there are a few things that TruDomes have done to make these particular domes a cut above the rest. TruDomes are manufactured in Britain, in our factory in the heart of England. They are crafted using aircraft grade aluminium struts, rather than steel, which means that they are rust free, lightweight, and strong too. Aluminium, known as the ‘green metal’, is also one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable metals out there, which is of course an added bonus to its durability. TruDomes are structurally tested and certified by our registered structural engineer and so dome owners can sleep easier than most through unprecedented storms.

So just how windproof were TruDomes in the biggest storm in over 30 years? We we’re pleased have our customers report glowing reviews of their domes; Cae Nant Glamping decided to go ahead with their weekend booking despite the storms and said “the domes were amazing through the storms! TruDomes you have a great all year round Glamping dome here and it well and truly proved itself. Our guests were warm and safe. We have had fabulous reviews and they want to re-book! They said they had stayed in a few different Glamping structures and this was the best by far”. Another TruDomes customer, Tractor’s & Cream, shared impressive video footage of their domes withstanding dramatic winds and rain in Somerset.

As we know, there’s nothing less predictable than the weather… especially in the UK. Moving closer to the official Glamping season, now is a great time to consider your Glamping accommodation and its structural strength in the face of extreme weather like we have recently seen. If you’re looking for a truly weatherproof outdoor accommodation structure in all seasons and all eventualities, put your trust in TruDomes.

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