Why 2020 Could Be The Year Of Glamping

Posted on 1 December 2019

Glamping has been booming over the past few years, and we don’t see the trend slowing down any time soon – indeed, there’s more demand than ever for luxurious outdoor getaways!

From financial worries in some of the biggest travel agencies around the world to the continuing worries of Brexit, tourists have had a hard time over the last few years, and this may be why so many are taking the decision to stay closer to home – did you know that recent studies have noted an estimated 50% increase in those wanting to try glamping as compared to the previous year?

Even academics have talked about the robustness of glamping in the face of worldwide challenges, which is why now could be the perfect time to begin your glamping business. In terms of what you need to start, a simple space of land is all it takes, and we can help you with the rest!

From choosing your perfect accommodation to just the right accessories to add, our free downloadable guides offer all the advice you need on {{cta(‘7058969b-b46d-48b0-9efe-95b8878a2f3e’)}}. One thing’s for sure – 2020 may be the year of the glamper but this is one trend that isn’t going anywhere soon!

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