The Hidden Opportunities Of COVID-19

Posted on 10 December 2020

There’s no question that the coronavirus pandemic has decimated the corporate events market. But amid the fears and cancellations there are some rays of hope – if you know where to look. There are many new rules and regulations in place to tackle the pandemic, which means event organisers also have a host of new needs when looking for a venue. That’s where you could come in…


Optimise your outdoor space

Is your venue set within acres of outdoor grounds? Or do you have a smaller outdoor area that is often overlooked? If you have even a small space outside, it could be the perfect place to reinvent for your next corporate client after a few tweaks! Our geodesic domes are an ideal option for adding self-contained spaces for smaller groups to gather without worry of contamination, and our bespoke service means we can create something perfect for whatever space you have available. The versatility of the space is perfect for tailoring to each client, and its easy set-up and take-down means you don’t need to keep it up full-time if you don’t want or need to.

Great news for small, low-footfall venues

Smaller venues with lower footfall are in line to become much more interesting to businesses looking to host – not only are smaller headcounts making smaller venues viable, but places with lower footfall will be attractive for their relative low risk of cross contamination. So, if you’re one of these venues, now is the time to think about how you can best poise your site for hosting events.

Maximising space will be an important hurdle – even with smaller headcounts, social distancing means every metre counts, so think about whether there’s any space outdoors you could be utilising and get creative with how you can keep different groups separate (our domes are a great option, if we do say so ourselves!).

It’s all about the unorthodox

Dining 2 V2

It’s probably safe to say that not much has been ‘normal’ this year – this includes the negative aspects, but we’re also talking about some pretty amazing ideas that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. From the public getting creative with ways they show their loved ones they care to companies finding new and exciting ways to stay operational in challenging times, 2020 has really been about the unorthodox. And that has opened the door to some pretty exciting developments in our own business too; for example, we’ve been busy creating new domes that are perfect for hosting smaller numbers and helping businesses adhere to social distancing without having to cancel events entirely.

Simply take a look at our new dining domes and get in touch to discuss how we can be creative for you!

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