What Could A Geodesic Dome Add To Your Glampsite?

Posted on 10 December 2020

Whether you’re just beginning your own glampsite-owning adventure or are looking for ways to diversify and add interest to your current holiday site, we think geodesic domes are the perfect way to achieve your goals. With their uniquely eye-catching shape and many eco-friendly benefits, a dome is a sure-fire way to cash in on a trend that has only grown in popularity over the last few years. So, what exactly do they have to offer?


The rise of a more eco-conscious generation has led to changes across several markets, not least of which is the travel sector. Holidaymakers are looking more deeply than ever into the true footprint of their accommodation, opting for more time spent with nature and staying closer to home instead of going abroad, but this doesn’t mean they’re willing to give up all their creature comforts.

20190815_104027Our geodesic domes are made using highly recyclable aluminium and are manufactured right here in the UK, which makes them a fabulous choice when it comes to a smaller carbon footprint. The dome shape is also very energy-efficient; the space takes less energy to heat and stays warmer for longer than conventional accommodation – plus, we offer solar panels to ensure you can offer eco-friendly power even off-grid.

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A dome is one of the most versatile options when it comes to temporary accommodation. Offering all the benefits of solid floors and durable ‘walls’, as well as easy set-up and take-down, means you can truly give your guests a five-star experience without having to commit yourself to foundations and building work. You could even opt to keep moving your domes around if your land permits it, keeping your accommodation options fresh and interesting for guests.

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When it comes to costs, domes are some of the most effective for their lifespan. They require much less maintenance than other glamping options such as canvas bell tents for example, as our durable PVC covers are resistant to mould and damp unlike fabric coverings. The aluminium frames we use are also much more corrosion-resistant than steel-framed options, so your dome will last much longer than other choices. And as we mention above, the dome shape is also great for energy efficiency, so you’ll even spend less on heating!

You’ll also find flexible finance plans available when you purchase with us, to help you keep costs manageable – take a look and get in touch to discuss your options here.

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