How To: Turn Your Dome Into A Yoga Studio

Posted on 12 November 2019

We think that yoga and nature go hand in hand, but practising yoga outdoors isn’t always the relaxing experience you’d like to imagine – changing weather, unwanted pests and uneven ground are all deterrents to an otherwise perfect idea. So why not get the best of both worlds and use a dome instead? Read on to find out how it could work…

Active woman doing yoga poses at sunset

What would it look like? 

To keep yourself focused on the exercise, the simple approach is better when it comes to yoga domes. Let nature speak for itself and opt for a crystal -clear PVC covering to give the feel of the outdoors with none of the inconvenience! The dome shape also offers enviable floor space, perfect for group yoga practices to move around freely without feeling cramped.

The lightweight frame allows you to place the dome (or domes) wherever you like too and take them down again with no fuss. And if you did want to use a bigger dome for larger groups, our team are always on-hand to assist with your set-up needs.

How could you use it?

 Think unique retreats and luxurious spa weekends – a yoga dome could even be the perfect addition to your glampsite! More than one dome can be connected together to allow for multiple classes to happen at once, and you don’t need to stick yoga either; from massage treatments to other exercise classes, you could even add gym equipment for the perfect outdoor fitness experience.

 What do you think about this use for geodesic domes? If you’re inspired to create your own space, we’d love to hear about how you’d use it – join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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